Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Shoe Doctor

This a mobile Klinik Kasut or Shoe Clinic. The 'doctor' sits patiently waiting for his 'patients' to arrive.
He works fast, to fix a broken heel, all he needs is 5 minutes and he only charges RM 3 for it. It's a one-man show.
Having your heels broke while you were walking or stepping on a nail is a modern hazard. While you are in these situations, it certainly helps when the friendly 'doctor' is near.
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Jilly said...

He works a long way from his eye. And is that a Manchester United shirt he's wearing - or something similar? Nice shot. I hope he gets lots of customers.

Eki said...

Is that how they are called in Malaysia? ;) In Bandung, they are called Tukang Sol Sepatu. :)

This is a pefect subject for a monochrome shot, Murphy. And the moment you chose to capture (when he's intense at work) is decisive.

Lara said...

good idea indeed!