Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Big Guy in Town

Took this during a movie carnival in the shoppping mall. We are used to seeing T-Rex, I think more people were attracted to Wall-E :)
Watching movies is one the favourite pastime here, especially for young people. KungFu Panda which was aired recently had very good response from people of all ages.
Have you watched any interesting movies lately?
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Eki said...

I just happened to watch Kung Fu Panda yesterday. Not my kind of movie actually, but it turned out to be hillarious and very entertaining.

Which film is this T-Rex advertising?

And what's Wall-E? :)

marley said...

It looks like you asked him to smile for the photo!

I haven't been to see a film for a long time. I do still want to see the fourth Indiana film though.

J.C. said...

Yup, saw Kungfu Panda recently with my nieces and nephews!