Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old School Hair Style

Barber shops like this are getting lesser as stylish and modern hair saloons mushroom around the city.
Customers who frequent this shop are mainly looking for a hair cut. Nothing flashy, nothing fashion-y, just make my shorter. Period.
The price is at RM10 per hair cut. With RM 5 more, you get shaving. The barber normally ends their routine by giving pats on the customer's shoulder and a twist on their neck. I am always afraid to see they way they twist people's head, for fear that the head will end up rolling on the ground.
Besides all these no-nonsense regular, there are mums who bring their boys over for a hair cut. I can imagine one mother telling the son : "Well, when you are old enough to earn a living, you can choose where you want your hair done. While you are still in school, you should look like a student."
Lol..I guess trendier hairstyles for these young boys are perhaps something to look forward to.

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Eki said...

I prefer a barber shop like this than a fancy hair salon ... It always has friendlier atmosphere about it ...

I see you have change your blog design a bit. I like it. :)

Barbara said...

Hello..just stopped by to look. Cheers from West Sacramento Photo of the Day.

Susan said...

A great photo of daily life in your town!

marley said...

Yes, you don't see many like this. I like the sepia tone of the photo. It makes it look 1950's.

I've got something for you! Head over to Cheltenham and check out Tuesdays post :)

Murphy_jay said...

Thanks all for dropping by..

Thanks again to Marley.. I have passed it on :)