Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eating on my own

Eating on your own is one of the first few journeys one takes towards independence.
Once I can eat on my own, haha, watch out Ma, there are a couple of items on the menu which I hope to discuss with you.
For instance, I like soupy stuff - splishing and splashing out of the bath tub is quite fun, I discovered.
I also like cute little colorful stuff - bits, M&Ms, jelly beans, boy are they fun to play with on the table as well.
And Ma, lastly, if I can eat on my own, it means I am in charge now. No more feeding, no more 'open your mouth, sweetie, and eat this for mummy'. I will choose what I want to eat.
Yours sincerely, Junior.
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Ming the Merciless said...

You should have added: I like to play with my food too.

Eki said...

I like the humor you put in the commentary, Murphy. Thank you for the laughter you shared. :)