Thursday, July 17, 2008

Empty Parking

Getting a parking space is another problem faced by drivers beside traffic jam. When it comes to shopping malls during the weekends, it is not usual to spend 10 minutes just going round and round waiting for someone to vacant the space.
This parking lot is empty only during weekends. Or when there is a major traffic jam somewhere.
Public transport is not a favourite option. I hope public transport especially subways will improve soon. We can travel faster, without traffic jam, no pollution and the fuel hike won't affect us that much.
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Anonymous said...

The owner of this blog has a strong personality because it reflects to the blog that he/she made.

Eki said...

THis is a nice aerial view, Murphy. Which mall is it?

Traffic congestion is one thing I want to avoid - but I can't. I have to go to work at about the same time as others do. Going home, I can wait till the traffic is lighter.

marley said...

This is a really good photo. It has a certain empty quality!

Susan said...


Hilda said...

Even when malls here aren't open yet, I don't think their parking lots ever get completely empty like this. We seem to have the same problem with public transportation. I wish Manila's would improve too. I'd love to move to the towns just outside the metro.