Saturday, July 12, 2008


Another foodie weekend. This is called Chee-Cheong-Fun. Literally it means pig intestine noodles :)
Guess the name came from the shape of the it that is similar to pig's intestines - long, white and circular.
I think it's made up of rice powder and flour. The noodle is steam before serving with sweet sauce and chilli. Spring onions and fried shallots are added as garnishing.
At my hometown down south, the sauce is sweet and thick. However I realise in Klang Valley, they have subsitute it with the Penang version - the sweet prawn paste. Well I still prefer the taste I grew up with.
Chee-Cheong-Fun is normally eaten in the morning. You can find them in most dim sum shops which are crowded during the weekend mornings. Another variation will be putting in prawns or char-siew (roast pork) in between the layers of noodles.
Oh..ya.. another variation is eating with the ingredients of yeong-tau-foo. Yeong-tau-foo is made up of bitter gourd, lady's finger, chili which are stuffed with fish paste.
Like I always said, remember to try this when you are in Malaysia ya.

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marley said...

At first I thought - yuck! Then, reading on, I realised it is not a pigs guts! It actually sounds quite tasty. I like that you show us good things to eat. There are lots of variations too that sound delicious. You always make me feel hungry :)

Eki said...

This somehow reminds me of a restaurant in the US owned by a Chinese Malaysian couple that I frequented when I studied in the US. They cooked good food, knew I didn't eat pork, always prepared something special for me.

There's also a superb Malaysian chain restaurant at Philly and NYC called PENANG. It serves Malay and Indonesian foods that taste like home.

Ming the Merciless said...

OMG, I am Chinese (though I can't speak Cantonese) and I didn't know the word, chee-chong-fun meant pig's intestine until you explained it. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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