Monday, July 28, 2008

Cooks United

There are a few Shanghainese and Chinese restaurants that currently have such interesting 'window diplay'. Instead of showcasing the finished food or the menu, they present the stars behind the scene - the cooks.
I guess it's to showcase how clean the kitchen and utensils are and how skilful the chefs are. The chefs are normally seen making those delicate dim sums, chinese noodles or other pastries.
Looking at how these people work simply fascinates me. The details, the concentration that goes into every dumpling is mesmerising. These chefs, obviously used to the attention, do not turn an eye on the bystanders. They don't even smile when they look up occasionally. Well I guess when you are in a fish-tank kinda evironment, you just wanna finish your work and get out asap.

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marley said...

Its good to see the workings of the kitchen. One of my favourite Italian restaurants has a large open kitchen, so while you eat you can watch the next course being made!

Eki said...

Now, cooking is also a show, and the cooks are the actors ... :) I like the positions of those heads: it's like saying ... Hey, let's work together... heheeh ...