Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rings of color

There are no limits when it comes to jewelleries, fashion and shoes to women. The universal mystery to men is why do women buy the same design of things only to be told : But they are in different colors, honey!
And yet we often say men are visual-driven animals, if women don't always come up with different things for men to look at, they are bound to get bored. At least this is what some women are telling me.
Whether it's to attract the opposite or to mix the new bag you bought, I believe colors bring out the excitement and fun in you. Having said that, you don't have to dress like a rainbow to be happy. Guess a little change will do the trick.
What's the color that will cheer you up?

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Eki said...

The question is, Murphy, "Do women really want to look good for men?" Or, they want to look good because they feel good about it? :)

Nice colorful picture, by the way!

marley said...

Women are a law to themselves when it comes to new things in different colours! Though it is nice to have something bright on. I like to wear red when I'm feeling in a happy mood :)

Murphy_jay said...

Thanks Eki and Marley for dropping by.

I guess when it comes to women, there are no cold hard rules.. the only constant thing is change :)