Thursday, February 14, 2008

An item

Some people are just meant for each other. They may be poles apart, but they can't spend a day apart. Happy Valentine's Day to all. :) May all of you find true love and happiness.
Strawberries taken at Cameron Highlands.
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 gmirage said...

Red and green! This is the first time I saw a green one! Is it as sweet as the red?

Murphy_jay said...

Afraid not Mirage :)

The green strawberries are the unripe ones. They turn red when it's red.

marley said...

That is a really sweet sentiment, Nice post!

Rosie said...

So true!

 gmirage said...

Oh, I thought they were both ripe and the green ones are of another type of strawberry lol...not a fan of this fruit much, I prefer oranges and pineapples.. =) Happy weekend!