Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CNY 8 - Ang Pows

Ang Pow!! Literally this means Red Packets. There seems to be an inexplicable connection between Chinese and money. Although it does not mean we are a materialistic race, I can't vouch that the love of money is in our blood, or at least in most of us. :)
Angpows are given during CNY - a red packet with a little token. I believe the original idea was just to spread a little joy and wishe that the recipient will enjoy wealth and prosperity. Nowadays CNY angpows come in subtantial amount - children look forward to it and married couples sometimes dread it. Married couples are jokingly urged to have kids soon in order to have Return of Investment (ROI). :)
Traditionally angpow packets are just plain red envelopes. As you can see, there are lotsa varieties in store now.
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FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

OMG more sweets! You have got to stop this!!! ROTFL!

(The hub and I have been invited to a home cooked dinner this weekend at the home of a Chinese family we've known for a while now. They are absolutely wonderful people and she is a great cook so, as you can imagine, I can't wait!)


 gmirage said...

Oh! Kid treats!!! Doraemon!!! lolz. I love these. We also have what we call in the Philippines as Ampao...I dont know how its spelled but it could have been a spinoff of Ang Pow--they are rice crsipies balled and covered in sugar.. =) Good day to you!