Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kuih Muih

These are sweet kuihs.

The white rectangular kuih is yamcake. The other 2 kuihs on the left are sweet. The brown mixture on a little white tray is kaya - our version of jam (made from eggs and sugar)

When Malaysians are abroad, the thing they miss most is the food. A good part of being a multi racial country is that variety is the middle name of Malaysian food. Judging from the types of kuih (the malay word for cakes) above, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.
You feel like having a light snack, well would you like it to be savoury or sweet?
Ok, you like sweet stuff, would you like it with coconut? kaya? multi-layered?
The list just goes on. :)
Most of the kuih are nyonya kuih. Nyonya or the Peranakan Chinese is yet another unique ethnic group in our country.
Well, that's another story.
When you come to Malaysia, remember to savour as many cuisine as you or your tummy possibly can :)
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marley said...

What a lot of choice! I'll try whatever you recommend :)

 gmirage said...

Yum!You know, some people mistake me for being Malaysian...well we Filipinos came from the Malay race so thats explain it maybe...and yes I like food too, I saw from a friend's blog streetfood in kuala lumpur!!!