Saturday, May 3, 2008

Earth-Friendly Burger

There was a mini roadshow during world earth day earlier on. Among the many booths promoting earth-friendly products, there was one that sold what I called - Baby Green Burgers. The size of the burger is smaller than what we get at fast food joints, but more nutritious and earth-friendly.
Global warming is not a new thing to locals, however many still do not practise or do their part to save the earth. Hopefully with these roadshows, people will start to realise, even if it's just reducing the number of plastics in your home, when everyone does it, we can make a change.
What have you done for Mother Earth lately?
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Anonymous said...

It is easy to pee in the toilet twice and flush once. That saves half of the water that would be wasted if we flush each time we pee.

There are many other things we can do.

marley said...

Interesting post. It may be smaller but it still looks tasty!

alice said...

I go on feet as often as possible, I don't use too many plastic bags, I have two tanks in my garden to stock water when it rains, I don't use any chemical products in my garden even on my tomatoes...Many little things but...