Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cut Fruits

These mobile fruit stalls are pretty common, especially in working districts and eateries. Fruits sold are mostly papayas, watermelons, pineapples, guavas, honeydews and mangoes.
A year ago, a piece was priced at RM 1, but now the price has increased to RM 1.2o.
The plastic bottles at the front don't know the exact name, but we know it as sour plum powder. Adds a little sour sweet taste to the fruits, normally only goes with guavas.
The working crowd find this a convenient way of getting the vitamins they need. Most people are too lazy or doesn't have the time to bring cut fruits from home.
The word - Rojak - you see at the top of the van, is actually a local version of salad. Sometimes it's made up of purely fruits, sometimes it's just veggies. The dressing is sweet prawn paste and sugar.
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marley said...

What a good idea. I like fruit but can't be bothered to prepare it. I only eat bananas and apples cos they are ready to go!