Thursday, May 29, 2008

Durians - For Bundawah

Durian stall at night market. They were selling 3-4 packets for RM 10. There were around 2-3 seeds per packet. Of course there are better quality ones where they charge RM 10 per kilo.
Durian used to be a seasonal fruit but I see them very often nowadays.
Loving durian is an acquired taste. It's quite common that the foreigners who visit Malaysia find the fruit a bit 'overwhelming'. As easily as it can be found in Malaysia, there are still some local people I know who simply can't stand the smell of durian.
Haa but durian is not my favourite fruit. I would post some of it soon. :)
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J.C. said...

I love durians! Wow, RM10 for 3 packets, that's really cheap! Is this in SS2's night market?

Lori said...

I must admit I've never heard of durian before. I don't think we can buy it here. It's interesting to learn about new things on the blogs. Thanks for your visit to my blog. It's much appreciated!

Murphy_jay said...

Yes JC.. this is at SS2 pasar malam

Anonymous said...

I've heard of durian and I've heard the smell is just awful but the taste is good. I'd love to see one some day!

 gmirage said...

back in the Philippines, the smell also keeps me away from it =D

Z said...

I grew up with jackfruit, but I never learnt to appreciate it. I'm guessing I won't be lining up to buy durian either, hmm? ;-)