Friday, June 13, 2008

Sources of CFC

Installing air condition in a tropical country like Malaysia is like having a heater in Finland. They just exist without a question. You can always hear the usual comment : Why so hot, no air-con ah?
:) Putting aside the funny way how Malaysians converse in our very own Malaysian English, air conditioning has already become something we take for granted. It is almost like fixing curtains in the house.
They are not earth friendly however. It's irony that our solution to adjusting to the hot climate actually pose more problems to the overall environment.
We win some and lose some, and this case, we are probably going to lose a lot more.


marley said...

Thoughtful post today. What you say is true. We take many things that are not good for the planet for granted.

Phil_O'Logus said...

Interesting composition on this one. We have a large aircon. unit in our apartment here in Seoul, but I try not to use it as I think it makes it easier to adjust when stepping into the heat and humidity outside in summer.

alice said...

More and more in France too, even in Brittany where we begin to have very warm summers (well, this year, air condition has not been necessary at all for the moment because it's pretty chilly for the moment!). And you're right, these global warming problems are like a snake which bites its own tail (it's a French expression again, I don't know if it works in English but I think you understand the idea)

MJ said...

Thanks for the comments, guys and lady :)

Alice..tat's a very unique saying.. have never heard it before :)