Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hari Raya or the New Year for Muslims is just round the corner. Before that there is 1 month of fasting - the Ramadan month. During this month, there are hundreds of Ramadan Bazaars nationwide, selling all kinds of Malay cuisines. I am always excited to see all the different types of yummy goodies at the bazaar.
Besides Ayam Percik (Sprinkle Chicken - in my earlier post) serunding is another favourite. I think it is the Malay version of chicken floss. There's beef floss too. Serunding is eaten with ketupat-the triangular items in the basket beside the pot of seruing. Ketupat is rice cooked in wrapped leaves. Pardon my vague description :) I am better at savouring the food.
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Lynette said...

So, that's serunding in the white bowl? Does it taste like chicken? What does floss mean? I'm curious, please.

Murphy_jay said...

Yup Lynette, serunding is in the big pot. Floss errr.. something like candy floss? tastes like chicken.

Annie said...

I love this picture!

maria elisa said...

Love your photos