Friday, October 19, 2007

Girl At Window

Taken on the LRT. What big round eyes she has. The building on the far right is tallest building in PJ State area. I think the city council is situated there. The LRT was moving towards Taman Jaya station. I used to take LRT to this station everyday to work. My ex-office is in the white building seen in the middle.
When it's lighted at night, the building looks like a giant tombstone, since it has gigantic chinese writings on it as well. Looks kinda eerie sometimes.
Do you have such buildings in your city?
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maria elisa said...

great photo.


Waldo Oiseau said...

Love the photo! We do have a few odd buildings in Kansas City. One is the memorial for WWI. It is a very tall, skinny stone tour that is lit at the top.

Mike said...

That's a lovely photo!

Isadora said...

Great photo - looks almost as though she is sitting in front of a painting. Yes, lovely girl!