Thursday, October 4, 2007


Very Strong Old People club.. Interesting name. I hope I will be qualified for membership when I retire. I have seen many senior citizens in Europe, cycling, hiking, doing all the adventurous sports like any young people. Now I know there are strong contenders in PJ as well :)
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Lynette said...

What a grand idea! Thanks for the photo. I imagine if you work at it, you'll reach your goal.

CrazyCow said...

Too often we see able-bodied people, both young and old, waiing for someone else to take care of them, then complaining about the service. So it's exciting to see people who take charge of their own lives, look after themselves, and have fun doing so.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Murphy_jay said...

Crazycow and Lynette, thanks for the comments. I think senior citizens in Asian countries need to emulate their active counterparts in Western countries. Life still goes on.