Thursday, January 17, 2008

It aint Chinese New Year without these

Mandarin Oranges.. one of the MUST HAVEs for Chinese New Year. They come in different grades and sizes. You can get 1 box at around RM 30 and sometimes cheaper. There are probably hmmmm.. actually I have never counted.. more than 30 mandarin oranges in each box. They are given as gifts as well.
It is customary to bring Mandarin Oranges when you go visiting during CNY. They are a sign of auspicious and prosperity. And they are sweet and come in bright colors, so they are considered as something good for the festival.
Supermarkets and night markets will be selling these 3 weeks before CNY. Besides Chinese, they are popular among other races in Malaysia as well. We normally eat them throughout the month althought CNY is only 15 days.
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FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

Coincidentally, around here this time of year we see a lot of mandarins/tangerines at the markets. They come from Spain. They are very sweet, lovely little things.

Pat said...

Well, I love these oranges.


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MJ said...

Fenix, most of the mandarin oranges here are from China.

I have seen the mandarins trees in Barcelona..they were so cute :)That was my first time seeing the fruits on the trees rather than in boxes.

Unknown said...


by having 4 of these, you can visit everyone!

Unknown said...

Hooray! New Year's is coming soon. I enjoy seeing your photos, this is my first visit and I found you from Lynette's Portland page. Happy year of the rat!

MJ said...

Thanks for dropping by, Thien :)

Keropok, I think you meant with 4 of these.. you can go collect angpow anywhere.. hahaha