Friday, November 23, 2007

Iced Peas

This is what we call - Ais Kacang. In English, it literally means Iced Peas.
It is one of the most popular dessert in Malaysia. The ice is scrapped into snowy flakes. Syrup and condensed milk are poured in. Sweetened red beans, peanuts and 'chendol' is added in as well. Some will add in jellies as well.
It is the best to be taken during a hot and sweaty afternoon.
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Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Very exotic (to me) and quite interesting list of ingredients. I think I would enjoy it, but right now I could use a nice cup of very hot and very thick hot chocolate (only 3 C in the sun!).

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Murphy_jay, I have been meaning to ask you (and I hope you won't mind), why do you moderate posts?

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Hi Murphy_jay :)

Re: your question about Boston's size, the city proper has a total area of 89.6 square miles (232.1 km²); 600,000 million inhabitants (more info here).

Re: improper comments, too bad some people cannot be civil. Comment moderation, however, from the visitor's point of view, is such a turn off plus it takes away the right of a commenter to delete their comment right away should they change their mind about what they just wrote. It hasn't happened to me on your blog, but on occasion I have written a comment that, in retrospective, I considered inadequate or plain silly and having the possibility to go back to delete it right away made all the difference to me.

Anyway, as a comment moderation "sufferer," I just wanted to give you some feedback/insight.

Have a nice week ahead.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Iced Peas. Hmmm :)

I must admit that this is quite an unusual concept to me, which is why traveling is such a great thing: the ability to experience different cultures...and desserts! :-D

Unknown said...


should not it be nuts? Kacang = nuts right? haha...

I sure could have some of that now.
I love the gula melaka on top of it!

MJ said...

Hi Ann.. hope you will be travelling to an asian countries soon.. we have lotsa yummy desserts waiting :)

Yo Keropok Man.. you are right.. should be Iced Nuts.. no wonder I always tot got something wrong :P

Brisbane Daily Photo said...

Now that looks nice and messy. I might have a look for that around my city. I wonder if I could eat that with jackfruit? :D

MJ said...

Hi Me.. I think you can find this dessert in any Malaysian restaurants in Brisbane. And ya.. slices of jackfruit can be added in.
In fact jackfruit is used in some Thai dessert.