Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Ready

Local TV station is holding a football reality show for kids. I took this during their audition few weeks ago. The turn out was very encouraging. All the kids came prepared with shin guards, knee guards and the complete ala-professional-footballer-attire. They were in high spirits and looked as if they were ready to play for world cup.
Although there had been complaints recently about the progress of football in our country, it is still one of the most popular sport. And certainly one of the most inspiring.
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FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

The little ones must be so happy and excited. I hope the show isn't like the reality shows we have here that teach nothing but the wrong message.

(Re: the question you left on my blog, no, I've never been to Vietnam, unfortunately. I hope I'll get to visit Hanoi one day. I don't think I'd do a lot of shopping there, but I would definitely do a lot of eating and sight seeing. :)

Isadora said...

Oh, nooo. Another reality show. I like my fantasies, why can't we just stick to those?

I'm with Fenix on that one. My son was married to a Viet Namese young woman and one of my favorite Washingtonian restaurants was also the Saigon Inn. :)