Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pasar Ramadan 02

Ahh..the glorious choices of Nasi Campur! :)
Nasi Campur literally means mixed rice. As rice is a staple here, each race will have their own variety of dishes that go well with rice.At Bazaar Ramadan, you are simply spoilt with choices. There are different types of curry, rendang, vegetables, fried chicken, seafood..and yes...even crabs! As rice itself is tasteless, the dishes that go with it will normally be rich with taste.
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marley said...

You know how to get my interest! I've missed all your days of food photos! All the dishes look so yummy :)

Eki said...

You really make me hungry with this picture, Murphy! ;)

I like the colorful pictures of your mid-summer fest too. The objects and colors are very attractive.