Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mee Hoon Kueh

This is one of my favourite food. Not sure if it's a Hokkien dish, but I know only the Southern and Northern have this version. This version where the dough is torn into small little thin pieces into the soup. The version in KL - known more commonly as Pan Mee - has the dough knead into noodle-like strips.
It's real simple to cook. The secret however is in the dough. The kueh cannot be too thick or it will be hard to chew. It is cooked with soup boiled from anchovies. Customers can choose the soup or dried version.
This shop sells it like the way my mum cooks it at home. I especially like the fried anchovies and marinated meat which are served separately. If added to the soup directly, they will affect the clear sweet taste of the soup and they are likely to be softened. I normally dip the kueh into light soy sauce before eating. Tastes heavenly :)

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Unknown said...

i like this dish as well. esp the dry version from malacca. the singapore version (soup) one is somehow not the same haha.