Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Romantic walkway

We have it here as well - Thanks Alaya and Rambling Round for the comments :)
PJ, unlike other cities of the world, is not really a pedestrian friendly place. Most of the PJ residents travel by car, but sadly most of the traffic are made up of single occupant per car. Car pool is not a convenience option to many, despite it being fuel saving.
Therefore PJ does not really have many of nice, trees-lining walkway - most people don't walk much anyway.
I dream of having more walkways like these in future, because I walk a lot.
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Janet said...

Pretty path for walking!

Anonymous said...

i agree, romantic and quite.
love it!

magiceye said...

beautiful walkway indeed!

J.C. said...

I wish we have more walkways too! Then we don't have to fight with cyclist and bikers for space! And then we can take easy strolls and enjoy the view along the way.